Each instrument is built by thomas from start to finish. There are some basic machine tools in the shop for sawing and cutting but on the whole they are all hand built in solid timbers. Hide glue is used throughout on some instruments whilst on others some processes will use titebond. All rosettes , purfling and bindings are made from solid wood . fronts will be in either spruce or cedar with the back and ribs in a choice of timber. Cross bracings are used which are pushed into formers to create a gentle arch on the top, then hand worked untill light and resonant.

Mahogany, maple and utile are some of the timbers used in neck construction. Each instrument is hand carved to shape and fitted with an adjustable aluminium truss rod with the exception of the mandolin which is non adjustable brace.

Fronts, backs and sides are cut and bookmatched

Instruments are finished in a nitro celulose lacquer an comes in high gloss or satin finish.

Fretwork is ground and polished and instruments are set up to perform at their best.

Thanks for dropping by. Visitors are welcome by appointment.


Thomas' workshop is situated in Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire, just off the M62 near Bradford. It is a large space with room for all departments including timber storage , machine shop, lacquer finishing , final setup and showroom. It sits in the courtyard of an old mill complex which also has a dance studio, radio station and a brewery tap which is also a music venue. Preiviously Thomas had lived and worked in Inverness before moving to West Yorkshire in 2006

All bindings and purfling are solid wood made in the workshop.


Generally timber is sourced by Thomas through a few select yards in the uk that can supply the quality required for instrument building. The more specialised timbers for soundboards and exotic back and ribs etc are sourced through specialist suppliers throuout the world. The standard models are constructed using mainly American black walnut and figured sycamore . East Indian rosewood, Hawian Koa and other exotic timbers are also available to order.

Fingerboards, mainly in rosewood or ebony. can be either flat or radiused with mother of pearl inlay markers on front and side, or not as you prefer.

The hardware would be either gotoh or schaller with a bone nut and bridge and set up with phosphor bronze strings. if you wish a pickup installed we would use the headway HE4 under saddle.