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Thomas Buchanan's folkmandolinWelcome to
Thomas Buchanan's folkmandolin

When Thomas moved to Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire in 2006, he brought with him over 20 years experience instrument making in the Highlands of Scotland where traditional music is still a strong part of a living and evolving culture.

The Peatbogs Through his  contact and involvement with celtic music and with the help and feedback  from many fine musicians, Thomas has become in touch with the highest standards required by the highly skilled players of today's folk scene.

Phill Cunningham M.B.EPhill Cunningham M.B.E, The Peatbog Faeries and Saltfish Forte are just a few of the top artists that are currently using Thomas Buchanan instruments to evoke the sounds that are at the forefront of traditional music today.

Saltfish ForteQuality materials are combined with unique designs  to produce instruments that are so obviously a cut above. Once you have picked up a Thomas Buchanan instrument and discovered the ease of play and quality of tone you will understand why so many musicians just love them and love to play them.


Dagger GordonDagger Gordon. When it comes to Highland mandolin. Dagger is without a doubt The Real thing. Black Donald, Highland Mandolin, Frozen River.